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Brian May, lendário guitarrista do Queen, não está (ou está?) sendo presenteado com a sorte em 2020. No ano da pandemia do novo coronavírus, o músico sofreu uma lesão no nervo ciático, teve um ataque cardíaco e, agora, passou perto de perder a casa em um incêndio.

O fogo foi impedido por bombeiros da região onde mora, no condado de Surrey, na Inglaterra, quando estava a um quilômetro de sua casa. Para se ter ideia, May já estava tirando tudo o que podia de sua casa para que não perdesse tanto. O incêndio já era certo.

“Resgatei várias coisas preciosas da minha casa da forma como era possível, sob a ameaça de tudo pegar fogo, mas rezando para que esse horror não acontecesse. Minhas orações foram atendidas”, afirmou ele.

O guitarrista, então, agradeceu aos bombeiros que, segundo ele, “arriscaram suas vidas para conter esse enorme fogo selvagem na área da Sunningdaloe Golf Course”. Ele também revelou que não entendeu como as chamas se criaram naquela área, que é bastante chuvosa.

Veja, abaixo, algumas fotos publicadas por Brian May depois que a situação foi controlada:

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FIREFIGHT in SURREY. I never imagined it could happen here in leafy, and normally damp, Surrey, England. We supported the fight against the immense fires in Australia, and watched sadly as fires ravaged California, but to see this happen in my own home county has been shocking and traumatic. These pictures show Anne Brummer and I this afternoon, surveying the forest fire which is still smouldering less than a mile from my own house and studio, and the fond relics of my entire life. Today Se were able to begin to thank the amazing firefighters who risked their lives to contain this huge and treacherous wild furnace on the heath land of Sunningdale Golf Course – which actually adjoins my property. Yesterday, I was rescuing as many precious things from my house as was practicable, under threat of the whole thing going up in flames, but praying that the horror would not happen. Today my prayers were answered – the fire is under control, but the danger is not over. While this dry heatwave lasts there is still a massive risk of a flare-up leading to disaster. Perhaps even more shocking was learning today that this wonderful force, which is alert 24 hours a day to protect us all, has become tragically undersupporyed in recent years. Just as the Government cuts sent the NHS into battle hideously crippled by lack of funding, the same lack of vision has rendered this country vulnerable to fires – with a fire fighting service criminally cut back in manpower and resources. Something has gone terribly wrong with our leaders’ decision-making process. As long as we prioritise short-term economic gains over the lives of our people and the welfare of those who protects us, we will be a nation continually in danger. It becomes more and more clear that a radical rethink is needed. THANK YOU, firefighters of Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire, and the maintenance team of Sunningdale Golf – for saving all our skins. And thanks Callum and Emily, George, and the nice man from Barcelona for giving us a backstage tour today. Incredible. Photo of Bri and Anne by Callum Strachan. Swipe for stereo views showing the still smoking edges of the huge area of destruction. Bri

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